Reverse Parking Sensors And Cameras

Have you every been reversing and felt the thud wondering what you have hit when you can’t see anything in your mirror? Why not make reverse parking a lot more easy with a reverse parking sensor kit. We can install them on any vehicle and they can be colour coded to match any colour bumper. Our kits are programmable and allow us to set the detection distance to suit the customer. Reverse parking sensors are a very valuable add on especially on high back vehicles where visibility is not too great. If you are very particular they can also be installed with a display screen showing you how close you are to an object.

For all round protection front sensors can also be added in addition to the rear helping you avoid those nasty bumper scuffs when you are trying to manoeuvre in confined spaces.

Reversing Cameras

A definite upgrade to reverse parking sensors is to install a reversing camera. This way you don’t have to rely on beeps but you can actually see what is behind you whilst backing up. A built in grid within the camera display also shows you the distance you are from objects behind.

Reversing cameras require a front display and are an ideal add on for those with a double din head unit in their vehicle. If you don’t have a double din stereo a separate display can also be installed for viewing the camera feed. Fully automated we set the cameras to switch on when the vehicle is put into reverse so the imagery is automatically switched on the display.  Some people choose to have a double din stereo and reversing camera installed at the same time.

The picture above shows an install we did on a 2016 VW Transporter fitted with the Kenwood CMOS 230 reversing camera linked to a new Kenwood DNX 516DABS double din head unit.