Handsfree Car Phone Kit Installation

Hands-free car kit integration is a very useful add on to your vehicle. With the laws really strict and safety in mind, answering your phone while at the wheel can have disastrous consequences. You are risking your safety and the safety of others not to mention you are liable to get a rather substantial fine and points on your license if caught. It is worth knowing you can get certain hands-free kits installed for a cheaper price than the cost of the fine if you get caught.

There are a variety of different styles of hands-free car phone kit. One of the market leaders and our primary choice is the parrot car kit. They range from a very basic CK3000 with simple answer and hang up buttons to one of the MKI range you can see in the picture. The MKI range not only allow you to handle calls hands-free but also allow you to play your music through the vehicles speakers via your phone or USB stick.

We have installed and integrated many car kits into factory fitted stereo’s an amplifiers on various models of vehicle.

Below is an installation we did for retail chain Jo Jo Maman Bebe. They had a Parrot MKI 9200 fully integrated into a 2013 Vauxhall Astra J