Dash Cams

Have you ever been sat behind the wheel and had a near miss and wondered how you would be able to prove it wasn’t your fault? The simple answer is to install a dash cam. Available for front and rear mounting, a dash cam is the perfect witness in the event of an accident. With wide angle lens it will pick up the entire road in front of you and record the images direct to an internal sd card. In the event of an impact this data gets locked away to prevent it from being over written. 

We supply and install a variety of dash cams from small covert ones to dual recording cameras that watch both inside and outside the vehicle. These can be hard wired into your vehicle taking away the annoying need to keep plugging it into your accessories socket each time you get in the car.

Not only are they good companion while you are driving but they can also be the perfect tool for keeping and eye on your vehicle while you are not present. And if installed with a smart power supply you can leave your dash cam on and set the time you want to leave it record before the smart supply cuts off the power to prevent your vehicles battery from going flat. 

Below is an installation of a Road Hawk DC2 into a Brand new Ford Transit for the local dealership.

If you would like some more info on getting a dash cam fitted in your vehicle then give us a call today.