Car Audio and Entertaiment

At moving sounds we pride ourselves in installing some of the very best car audio brands on the market. We are a main dealer for Kicker car audio products. You are guaranteed a professional installation from start to finish. We are experienced auto electricians and have a great understanding of your vehicle’s electrical system.

Where To Start With Upgrading Your Car Audio

Many people think that with the current audio systems in today’s cars looking rather built in that you cannot better the system. This is simply not the case, factory speakers are still not the best quality and can easily be replaced for a much better sounding product. With OEM Integration we are able to fit you better speakers and install additional amplifiers and subwoofer speakers all run from your factory fit stereo.

The most noticeable improvement on any factory system is the addition of a subwoofer speaker. These come in many different shapes and sizes depending on what suits your requirements. Some people are looking to cram in the biggest subwoofers they can fit producing as much bass as possible, while others are looking to add subtle blended bass and keep as much room as possible.  At Moving Sounds we sell a range of subwoofer speakers, including compact units that take up a minimal amount of space and still produce a clean and powerful sound quality you can enjoy. If putting anything in the boot is an absolute no then there we are also able to install a compact bass unit that will fit under the seat and still provide you with great sound and clarity .

To achieve a more fuller and cleaner sound we recommend upgrading your door speakers to a better quality product. Kicker KS range speakers are a very good option. They are available in components and coaxial set up and will massively improve the sound quality of your audio system. Ideally for the best results these should be installed with sound deadening and driven by an amplifier or DSP to allow much better control of the frequencies these speakers receive.

We have a variety of speakers available for just about every application. Give us a call or pop in to discuss the best speakers for you.

If you would like some more information, or you would like to book your vehicle in just give us a call 01633 259995