Bass Without Taking Up The Space

The Kicker Comp RT Subwoofer

Many people want to upgrade their car audio and add bass to their car without compromising their valuable boot space. The Kicker Comp RT subwoofer range are a perfectly constructed range of speakers that offer phenomenal bass output but only take up minimal room in your boot.

Pictured above is the 10 inch version of the Comp RT, with a box size of only 7 inces deep and 12 inches high but offers an impressive 800 watt peak output and and RMS output of 400 Watts.

This strongly constructed box is fitted with a passive radiator for good low frequency response, allowing for a more compact unit without compromising the sound quality it produces.

Professionally carpeted and trimmed with the Kicker logo stitched into the top of the box, these subwoofers are very pleasing on the eye. Don’t just take out word for it, why not pop down and see one of these woofers in action. You really won’t believe it until you hear it play